A B O U T   S I L V I A   H O L L W E G

Using light, shadow and movement, Silvia Hollweg creates paper & straw artwork and installations that encourage viewers to slow down, wonder and smile. Fascinated by math, geometry, nature and architectural forms, Silvia’s work is sophisticated yet playful. With an engineering mind and a delicate aesthetic, Silvia combines paper and straw materials, folds and shapes them in a unique way to create structures that illuminate the things that she finds inspiring.

Germany-based artist & designer born in Caracas, Venezuela, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Silvia Hollweg creates paper & straw kinetic, architectural sculptures and immersive environments that surprise and delight while striving to inspire participants to see the world using the fascinated medium of paper & straw in a new way.

Her creative process begins with a sheet of paper or piece of straw. She explores the experimental potential, the aesthetic properties and the qualities of the paper  & straw by folding  or cutting it, and transforming her findings into art and design concepts. Her work is characterized by the combination of contrasting textures, shapes and light effects. She creates works or products with character, which have a story to tell and are told by the work of paper or straw.

“Life is like a kaleidoscope: a creative game full of possibilities and variations.”

~Silvia Hollweg