Silvia Hollweg (founder of KALEIDA creations) is a Venezuelan/German artist born in Caracas (Venezuela), who has developed a unique sculptural language of Organic Minimalism: she has created a PERSONAL INNOVATIVE UNIQUE FOLDING TECHNIC.

Artwork influenced by physics, math and nature. Through a special synergy, her creations seems to come alive and invites the viewers to involve themselves directly, transporting them to a different universe.

Artist Silvia Hollweg creates abstract, geometric, organic, & 3dimensiogeometricgs that illustrate topographies found in nature & architecture, like mysterious 3D landscapes or architectural constructions. Her artwork is characterized by an introduction of scientific technology: the Kinetic-, Parametric- and Moiré-Effect movements, and are distinguishable for its delicate balance of structure and spontaneity, expressed though a visual language of linear and modular forms.

Silvia Hollweg holds an Arts, Art History & Sociology degree from Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. She also holds several other degrees & certificates in the fields of booth architecture design & construction, digital design and events/cultural management. She has exhibited internationally throughout Europe, USA and Latin America.

After working for over 20 years in the brand booth architecture and event experiences Design & Management fields all over the globe, she decided to dedicate time again to her first passion: Art.


“My goal is to install a sense of curiosity about what exists outside of us. Elements in our world that we can´t see, or parts of our universe that we can´t access…yet.”

~Silvia Hollweg


My artwork projects the way I see life: like a Kaleidoscope.

The illusion of depth and space are crucial to how we take in our environments and navigate the world around us. We build up these images through movement, and I ultimately want to get the viewer moving around in a physical space. Vanishing points shift, shapes get skewed, and a form on the canvas can look like an entrance into another universe. This movement and subsequent experience hopefully plants some curiosity about how we automatically construct views of the world around us given cues via visual phenomena.

I’ve always been interested in both mathematics and art. Now I’m happy to have found a way to explore my curiosities about the ways we perceive depth and understand the spaces around us, using my PERSONAL INNOVATIVE UNIQUE FOLDING TECHNIQUE.

I’m curious and inspired by architectural constructs both in nature and in cities, and how, with simple folds and some paint, we can construct perspectives, helping us to solidify (or question) our ideas about the space we inhabit and create alternate interpretations of what’s happening around us.

The interaction with light is also an important element of my art, because the same artwork can appear lighter and brighter with a soft light or darker, rigid, geometric and even dramatic with a hard light, learning how unpredictable, surprising and at the same time controlling each artwork can be.

I use my art to represent all the shapes of my mood, all the things and feelings I cannot express in words. A canvas of how I see life, on which I stream my emotions on each new creation. 

I try to create artwork that makes the viewer feel a respite from an overstimulating intimate world. 

This endless exploration takes me down a path where,

my mind DOES,

what my eyes THINK,

and what my hands SEE,

and then the two dimensions become three.

~Silvia Hollweg