The exploration on textile and paper materials is the origin of my artwork. My inspiration arises from a variety of sources, especially taken from nature: the mountains, the preciuos stones, the beaches and the sky.

My artwork projects the way I see life: like a Kaleidoscope.

I’m sensitive to my environment (sounds, smells, temperatures and views), and use my art to represent the highs and lows of what I’m feeling. All the shapes of my mood, all the things and feelings I cannot express in words. A canvas of how I see life, on which I stream my emotions on each new creation. 

Because of the global pandemic, my artwork has made a 180° shift: I’ve constrained my work to a simple monochrome color palette and use of materials, playing with the different minimalistic forms and shapes, learning how unpredictable, surprising and at the same time controlling each material can be.. 

The interaction with light is an important element of my work as well, because the same artwork can appear lighter and brighter with a soft light or darker, rigid, geometric and even dramatic with a hard light.

I have learned that both my artwork and life in general cannot always be sculpted or shaped as one wishes. We have to respect its physical laws: if I fold it, it breaks open; if I bend it, it returns to its former shape; if I lift it, it falls.

I try to create the kind of visual stimuli that I want to be surrounded by.

Artwork that makes the viewer feel a respite from an overstimulating intimate world.

This endless exploration takes me down a path where,

my mind DOES,

what my eyes THINK,

and what my hands SEE,

and then the two dimensions become three.

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